Custom Products



Have a special project? Send us an email with your contact information (or provide the information via snail mail) and we’ll be more than pleased to discuss your requirements and determine how we can help.

We’ve produced training products such as systems manuals, company specific profiles, and animated system graphics for several regional airlines, large charter operations, corporate flight departments, and part 142 training providers.

We have an off-the-shelf collection of 1900 Systems Classroom PowerPoint files that can be customized to your operation. These PowerPoint files are fully editable by your training team so as your procedures change anyone who knows how to use PowerPoint can go in and keep the files current. The off-the-shelf program can get you up and running with a classroom presentation quickly stocked with the graphics used in the UE and UC Systems books and cockpit posters.

Regional airlines or training providers can use the online courses for a pre-study requirement, which can shorten the required ground school time by days. The flexibility of the platform the courses are written in allows us to customize the courseware to your training specifications and the serial numbers of the aircraft you operate. This flexibility also allows us to stay current with changes to the Aircraft Flight Manual and Pilots Operating Manual to update the courseware.

When the online courses are added to your customized learning center, managerial reports are available so you can track the progress of training, download training certificates, and view quiz scores along with and many other features.