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Our collection of Beech 1900 courses allows you to learn the systems in any location at any time. You can log in and complete your training at your own pace, at any time, from any place. Our courses are authored by trainers with extensive experience as professional pilots who share the ‘real’ information that pilots can use on the job. Courses are high quality with excellent graphics and interactivity.

The online curriculum includes all of the following courses. Upon completion you can download and print a training certificate showing you have completed the training modules.

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1900C Differences

The courses are based on the Beech 1900D model. The 1900C Differences course details the differences between the 1900D and 1900C model across all of the systems.

1900 Aircraft General

The Aircraft General course covers an exterior walk around that describes all of the major components of the Beech 1900. The interior section of the course describes each panel in the cockpit along with a typical cabin layout.

1900 Annunciators
Pilot Proficiency Program The annunciator course describes the master warning and caution system along with each annunciator panel. The course includes a detailed overview of the engine fire detection system and associated annunciators. There is also a downloadable file that details what causes each annunciator to illuminate.
1900 Avionics
Pilot Proficiency Program The avionics course describes in detail the audio panel and how to operate it. It also covers TCAS and GPWS.
1900 EFIS
Pilot Proficiency Program

The EFIS course details the different modes of the EADI, EHSI, and reversionary panel.

1900 Electrical
Pilot Proficiency Program

The Electrical System course details the three sources of DC electrical power, external power, and each electrical bus. There is also a section on the AC electrical system. Electrical system annunciators and limitations are presented. A downloadable electrical system schematic is provided in the course.

1900 Engines
Pilot Proficiency Program The engine course describes the five major sections of the engine; gas generator, combustion, power, accessory, and reduction gearbox. The course includes a downloadable engine diagram, discussion of the cockpit engine controls and instrumentation, and descriptions of a normal engine start, hot start, and hung start. Annunciators and limitations associated with the engine are also detailed.
1900 Environmental
CFR 135

The environmental course covers engine bleed air along with the pressurization and pneumatic systems. The pressurization section describes temperature control, the pneumatic section describes the vacuum system, and the environmental system annunciators and limitations are presented. The course also includes a downloadable environmental schematic.

1900 Flight Controls
Pilot Proficiency Program

The flight controls course details the primary and secondary flight controls. The primary flight control section describes the aileron, elevator, and rudder. The secondary flight control section describes trim, flaps, yaw damp, rudder boost, and autopilot.

1900 Fuel
Pilot Proficiency Program

The fuel course describes each fuel tank and how fuel flows from the tanks to the engine. Fuel system annunciators and limitations are presented. The course also includes a downloadable fuel system schematic.

1900 Ice Protection
Pilot Proficiency Program

The Ice Protection course details both the anti- and de-ice equipment installed in the 1900. The ice protection system annunciators and limitations are also presented.

1900 Landing Gear and Brakes
Pilot Proficiency Program

The landing gear and brakes course details both the landing gear and brake system. The landing gear section has a downloadable system schematic. The brake section details the anti-skid and power steering components. Annunciators and limitations associated with the landing gear and brakes are presented.

1900 Memory Items and Limitations

1900 Memory Items and LimitationsThe Memory Items and Limitations course reviews all of the memory items and limitations published in the Aircraft Flight Manual for the 1900.

1900 Propellers
Pilot Proficiency Program

The Propeller course details the major components of the system along with the three propeller governors. There is a downloadable propeller governor schematic included. The autofeather system is also described in detail.


Complete Beech 1900 Systems Courses List (PDF)


Each online curriculum you purchase includes a copy of a UE or UC Systems book and cockpit poster.